How to furnish an intensive care unit

The spaces of a healthcare facility underwent many changes in recent years. The recent pandemic has taught us that everything is constantly evolving, even something that may seem as fixed as an intensive care unit.

At CFS, we interpret change as a possibility for transformation and an opportunity to respond to the needs of the healthcare market with furniture solutions that are welcoming, functional and moving with the times.

In this article we dive into an intensive care unit created with dedicated furniture solutions. Starting from inpatient rooms, we take a look at all the furniture used to meet the needs of patients and healthcare staff.

Furniture for inpatient rooms in an ICU

Inpatient rooms of intensive care units are designed to ensure a safe and dedicated environment for the care of patients who need constant monitoring.

What cannot be missing in such an important ward:

  • privacy screens: perfect for separating the various bed stations and giving patients the necessary privacy;
  • beds: a key element for the well-being of the patient. They combine comfort, ergonomics, and safety, but also a high level of functionality to adapt to the needs of each patient;
  • bedside cabinets: essential for holding patients’ personal items such as books, magazines, smartphone, computer, tablet, and chargers. They are available with different configurations, for example with doors, compartments and drawers;
  • unit-dose trolleys and procedure trolleys, which we analyzed extensively in this article. They are equipped with all the necessary accessories for patient treatment: from instruments to treat wounds to drugs for patient’s therapy. Among CFS Italia best sellers, you will find the procedure trolleys of the Alfa series.

Furniture to complete an ICU

As you know, intensive care units are generally large, open spaces with a structure designed to supervise multiple patients simultaneously, both in routine and emergency conditions.

Recommended furniture by CFS Italia experts includes:

  • emergency trolleys: one of the most important hospital carts, as well as one of the true allies of healthcare professionals in the most critical moments of emergency intervention. These are items that combine everything needed to save lives such as defibrillators, cardiac boards and IVs. Among CFS Italia best sellers, it is impossible not to mention our Star line;
  • nurse counters: the perfect solution to organize documents and facilitate computer work for the nursing staff;
  • modular furniture: perfect for drug storage area, office, or kitchenette for medical staff. The modular furniture and trolleys of the Space ISO line are one of the most important products for CFS when designing a complete furniture solution: they are equipped with wheels and are made of fire retardant and antibacterial plastic materials.

The furniture provided by CFS in the ICUs of Barletta and Padova

In recent years, we have designed and crafted a number of intensive care units in Italian hospitals. On our website you will find two in-depth case studies:

  • Barletta Hospital: we oversaw the redesign of spaces and furniture for the emergency room and ICU areas;
  • Cittadella Hospital (PD): we designed two integrated nurse counters for the intensive care and sub-intensive care units.


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