CFS Italia turns 25. The story told by CEO Luca Bianchini

CFS Italia celebrates 25 years of adventures, experiences and continuous growth since 1998. We want to do this with a special article: CEO Luca Bianchini recalls the most significant moments to understand our history and envision the future of the company.

How CFS Italia was born

In 1998, Luca Bianchini created CFS Italia. Before he decided to bet on himself and his vision, he gained experience as manager in a leading healthcare company. Luca shows the eagerness typical of someone who is just over 30 years old and believes that success of a company always starts from the people.

The original core of CFS Italia is made of four people: Luca’s brother in the purchase department, Luca himself dealing with sales and the warehouse, one workman, and Chiara, Luca’s wife, in the administration department. A team capable of managing delicate relationships with suppliers and hospitals, as well as balancing the books, one of the biggest challenges for a newly established company.

The adventure starts from a garage used as a warehouse in the morning to organize the deliveries. Then, almost magically, the same garage turned into an office to deal with offers and develop relationships with customers in the afternoon. Finally, in the evening, it became the assembly area.

2008: the gamble of the warehouse

From a garage to an actual warehouse, now that is a big step forward. It’s 2008, and after 10 years CFS is hungry for more – driven by the exceptional entrepreneurial spirit and the passion of Luca, and an increasingly motivated team.

The warehouse we are talking about is right next to the current facility. It was built on land purchased in 2008. These are difficult years, and investments are always a risk for a young company. The next step is just around the corner and the spaces where the CFS Italia team worked in the early 2000s are getting smaller and smaller. However, the desire to believe in the company and not to give up is ever greater.

2013: the turning point for CFS Italia

A wind of change was blowing in 2013. With a new company structure, a new chapter officially begins. Now, the main focus is diversification: going beyond hospital furniture and trolleys and interpreting a market that is increasingly moving towards turnkey projects. Important investments are coming, and Luca goes all-in with all his hopes, without ever getting demoralized.

The first positive results were already noticeable in 2014, when CFS Italia officially launched its healthcare furniture line. From there, a virtuous circle begins: CFS Italia invests more and more in the International market, in trade fairs, and in workshops. The market is competitive, but the company manages to make a name for itself, until the incredible result of 2019: the healthcare furniture line surpasses the medical furniture line in turnover.

The power of the people in CFS Italia

As we were saying earlier, we always believed in the power of the people to build a successful company. And Luca is very clear about this, stating how crucial it was to find great people with a strategic insight along the way.

CFS Italia has become a well-established reality thanks to its fundamental pillars. The right people have the power to change things: for example, making CFS Italia a brand loved all over the world, synonymous with Made in Italy; or giving a new face to the Design team, created in 2014 together with the healthcare furniture line.

In the people of CFS Italia, Luca finds values that match the company’s philosophy: optimism, responsiveness, trust and a willingness to focus on the result. It is a mutual relationship: believe in CFS, trust the people.

The strength of the brand and the future of CFS Italia

Over the past three years, CFS Italia started investing in brand identity with curated data sheets, presentations, catalogues, website and digital communication. Luca says it was necessary “to highlight the commercial presence of the brand”. The decision came at the right time, after 20 years of experience and with a sound awareness of the market.

The desire to enhance the brand presence goes hand in hand with the need to evolve, to keep moving, to embrace innovation and to offer new ideas. New strategic relationships and daring collaborations: this is the future of CFS Italia.

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