CFS Experience

CFS Design is a CFS brand. CFS Italia was born in 1998, operates in the healthcare field and manufactures trolleys, wheelchairs and medical furniture. It is a dynamic company which is entering the foreign markets.

High Quality

Our strength is the quality of selected materials, in the manufacturing process control and in the customer relationship management.

Proudly made in Italy

CFS Italia is located in the production center of north-east of Italy and this is where our products come from.
They are, indeed, the result of an accurate study and planning which focus not only on the national market needs but also on the foreign one and highlight the typical Italian design.

At your service

CFS Design might offer a complete service from the study of the project to the after-sale support. We satisfy any customer’s request with tailored solutions.

Il sistema

Il confronto con il cliente è per noi prioritario.
Studiamo le soluzioni migliori, a partire dagli spazi e dalle
esigenze che ci vengono presentate, verificando sul posto la fattibilità.
Accompagnamo ogni fase dalla progettazione alla realizzazione: dalla scelta dello stile, ai colori, ai tessuti, perché crediamo che la qualità di un’azienda si misuri anche in questo.


Customized projects

It is of paramount importance for us to communicate with our clients. Starting from the locations and the customer’s needs, we study the best solutions and verify onsite their workability.
Step by step we monitor the entire project until it is complete: from the material, the colors and the style we will help throughout the process, because we believe that the quality of a company is also measured with regard to this aspect.

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