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By listening to the medical staff, as well as the patients of hospitals and nursing homes, our architects felt the need to create more welcoming and comfortable spaces, in order to obtain a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere within each ward.
This is how CFS Design was born. A group of interior designers with one clear goal in mind: design environments for nursing homes, communities and hospitals to make people feel good every day.

CFS Design is a brand of CFS ITALIA SRL for the design and construction of spaces in hospitals and nursing homes where the well-being comes first.

Materials, colours and shapes with a warming feeling

During the design phase of each project, our architects pay close attention to materials and shapes while finding the perfect balance of colours and brightness for each room. And of course, each space is equipped with high-quality products made in Italy.
The result is a functional, sturdy yet comfortable environment where medical staff, patients and guests feel at home.

Guaranteed well-being with our products made in Italy

A lot of European facilities relied on our architects to design healthcare environments and common spaces. Our production facilities are in the Northeast of the country: an all-Italian reality for European healthcare companies is a guarantee of quality, controlled production processes and unparalleled aesthetic taste, characteristics that make us proud of our Made in Italy.

Healthcare environments with a touch of home

We want to make sure that the spaces in hospitals and nursing homes are always giving a pleasant feeling. In addition to on-site inspections, design, furniture production and installation, we offer an excellent after-sales service that will provide tailor-made solutions according to your needs.

Modula by CFS Design

To address the need for well-organized spaces where medical and nursing staff can move with agility, we created MODULA.
MODULA is a new modular furniture system that alternates antibacterial structures made of classic bilaminate metal sheet-aluminum with doors and finishes made of innovative materials to make environments more functional and improve healthcare services.

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Customized solutions for each facility

The dialogue with the customer is a top priority for us: we study the best solutions based on the needs and the specifications presented to us. Our architects check the feasibility of the projects on site and follow every step of the production process closely, from the choice of style to colours and fabrics. This is how we successfully create environments worthy of the facility in which they are built. Attention to detail is the key for each project, nothing is left to chance.

Il team di CFS Design mentre lavora alla progettazione arredi di una RSA
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