Differences between procedure carts and medication carts: features, functions and accessories

When dealing with hospital carts we often hear about procedure carts and medication carts. How are they different? In this article, we shed light on these fundamental elements in every department.

What is a procedure cart

Treatment and procedure carts are hospital trolleys equipped with everything needed to take care of a patient. They usually carry tools useful for treating a wound in the post-operative course such as gauze, scissors, bottles, a plaster, a syringe, etc.

The structure of these carts is standard: what differentiates the various lines are the materials and the configuration of the drawers, which can be customized according to height and/or space, and also by inserting a larger compartment closed by a door.

What is a medication cart

Medication carts, also known as unit-dose trolleys, are hospital carts for the management of pills and medications. They are used by the medical personnel to provide each patient with his own pharmacological therapy (therefore, unitary), based on the prescription by the doctor.

They are usually personalized with cards and a plate with a barcode, as well as the patient’s name. Most importantly, they are equipped with single-dose trays: inside each compartment, the medical professional finds the medicines, and therefore the unitary dose of the therapy that a patient must follow. Trays, storage drawers and compartments can all be customized.

Features and accessories of procedure carts and medication carts

The functions of the medication trolleys and the procedure trolleys are very similar: facilitating the transition from the storage departments or cabinets, having everything at hand in a single mobile station and therefore improving both the experience of the medical staff (allowing faster operations) and of the patient.

For both trolleys you can add many different accessories: for example, an upstand for extra storage; disinfectant holder; IV stand; waste bin, sharps container support, etc.


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