Behind the scenes: the faces of CFS Italia

CFS Italia is a company with 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of furniture for hospitals and healthcare facilities. It was founded by Luca Bianchini to take care of people’s well-being, and it is thanks to its people that CFS Italia has grown. Let’s discover them one by one through curiosities, stories and anecdotes.

Administration, purchase and logistics departments of CFS Italia

If CFS works like a well-oiled machine, it’s all thanks to them. The administration takes care of all invoicing and accounts of our suppliers, and the purchasing and logistics departments are constantly in contact with customers to manage deliveries, orders and stocks of hospital furniture. This is one of the first teams in company’s history: here we find people who have been working in CFS Italia (almost) since the beginning. Ludovico, our procurement manager, has been with CFS for 22 years.

There are two recurring words for these teams: flexibility and harmony. Flexibility, for Giulia of the purchase department, means a constant and challenging internal work to organise, adapt and manage various situations; harmony refers to the natural mutual understanding that has developed through the years.

Looking ahead, what will be the biggest challenge for CFS Italia according to this team? For Elena and Alice of the administration department, problem solving will be a crucial point: dealing with other realities in the world of hospital furniture and trolleys while giving the best response to a critical and unprecedented situation. Silvia from the logistics department uses a particular word, multitasking, which is like a mantra for CFS: doing many things in an efficient way.

Sales and export teams of CFS Italia

Along with the administration department, this team is one of the first one founded: the sales teams for the Italian & international markets. Here we have people working for CFS Italia for more than 15 years, like Luca and Carla. Their responsibilities include the management of tenders, offers and the relationship with the Italian customers from the initial contact. In particular, they focus on all the aspects related to the negotiations of healthcare furniture and hospital trolleys projects.

Trying to describe this team is easy, as the words come directly from them: for Luca, Katia and Federico the sales office is a dynamic team, whose strength lies in keeping a light mood and maintaining an ongoing interaction with the customer. Giacomo adds that freedom in organising and managing the workload is a huge plus. The sense of belonging that makes this team feel like a real family is strongly felt by everybody.

How do they envisage the coming years? Their ideas are very clear: a future of growth and expansion of the team according to Katia, while keeping in mind the need to maintain common goals, says Carla, and to prepare with tenacity and patience for the big leap, says Michele.

The design & technical department of CFS Italia

And then there is the design team. Their office is a breath of fresh air – both metaphorically and literally: it is a close-knit team that is constantly growing and in their offices there is always someone who thinks about flavouring the room. A small gesture that highlights the attention to details.

The main tasks of this team are related to the design of hospital furniture and the drafting of proposals for hospitals and nursing homes, sensitive places where their contribution very often makes a difference to the well-being of patients. Enrico, our technical consultant, tells us: “What I love about my job is the direct contact with the customer and seeing the fulfilment of a project that was once just an idea”.

Their team spirit is iconic, and these two beautiful quotes sum it up perfectly. “Collaboration is what makes ideas come true” says Antonella, employee in the technical area, and Ana, architect at CFS Design, offers a quote by Michael Jordan: “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”.

The future of CFS Italia according to this team? To become an inspiration for other companies in the furniture sector, according to technical area employee Alberto, and to keep innovating and exploring new markets, according to CFS Design office manager Massimo.

Operations and installation team of CFS Italia

CFS Italia is synonymous with excellence when it comes to the design and the realization of hospital furniture and trolleys. And the same is true for the operations team of Daniele, Denis, Vittorio, Liviu, Fabio and Roberto, who work in the warehouse and are responsible for assembling our furniture on site. It is a team that never stops and works to the rhythm of continuous forklifts and trucks loading and unloading quickly and efficiently.

It may seem trivial, but the word most often quoted by the people in these departments is productive. Roberto explains it well: “Seeing a project come to life, even with a few difficulties, thanks to the teamwork of my colleagues is what excites me most about this job”.

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