“Il Paese Ritrovato” is a village created to cure and assist people with Alzheimer’s and dementia, with a different and revolutionary method. It is organized like a small town and guests can live a normal life, feeling at home but also receiving the proper treatments. A real place that aims to slow down cognitive impairment and reduce to a minimum the disabilities in everyday life, offering the possibility to continue a fulfilling and adequate life according to their abilities, desires and needs.

The furnishing objects are meant to make the patients feel at ease, even in spaces that are not considered familiar to them; the furniture is easy to use and move, and this increases the patient feeling of adequacy and tranquility when practicing ordinary actions, something that not everybody can accomplish so easily. From this perspective, the furniture project conducted by “Il Paese Ritrovato” becomes, at first, a study of complex systems such as: containers and accessories with sensors used to monitor patients with dementia inside the living environments. For example, the hospital bed, with particular attention to the correlation between resident, professional operators and caregivers.

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