Certificates of environmental quality and safety for the hospital furniture made by CFS Italia

It is important to have certified products, and it is even more important when dealing with furniture for hospitals, nursing homes and rehab facilities. CFS Italia holds these certifications in high regard: that is why we go above and beyond to make sure that each certificate is issued by independent and top-notch authorities, both at a national and international level.

In this article we discuss in detail about our certificates, explaining what they are, what they mean and what are their benefits.

The importance of providing certified hospital furniture

Products by CFS Italia obtained several certifications: this means that they have undergone a process that ensures their compliance with various quality and safety standards & regulatory requirements. In the healthcare sector, possessing these certifications is essential to offer products that are suitable for both patients and medical staff.

Certifications in the medical field meet standard norms from national, European and international perspectives.

Safety certificates for the hospital furniture made by CFS Italia

Safety and quality certifications attest that products have been manufactured according to high standards, function as intended, are durable, and their use has no impact on people’s health or safety.

In this field, products by CFS Italia comply with:

Class 1 fire rating:
refers to the classification regulated by European standard EN 13501-1, it is the highest fire resistance class for materials used for furniture. The materials in our products are made from panels that have a Class 1 fire rating, which is essential to delay the spread of flames and the production of smoke in the event of a fire;


CATAS certificate:
provided by an internationally authorized certifying authority for the testing, analysis and approval of furniture. CATAS issues a statement of compliance with strength, stability, durability, reaction to fire, toxicity and performance established by specific regulations and standards.

Environmental requirements and certifications of the hospital furniture made by CFS Italia

Environmental certifications officially acknowledge that a product meets certain environment-related standards. These standards aim to promote sustainable practices and to reduce the impact of a production process on the environment.

In this case, products by CFS Italia comply with:

C.A.M. (Minimum Environmental Criteria) for furniture
a requirement for Italian companies that promotes the purchase of environmentally sustainable products. It defines a set of minimum guidelines that products must meet to be considered environmentally friendly or eco-sustainable;

Class E1 formaldehyde emission for furniture
it is a class to certify that the rate of formaldehyde emissions is below the limits set by regulations. E1 is one of the lowest categories in terms of risk to human health and indoor use;

EU eco-label for furniture
reserved for products and services that meet strict environmental criteria set by the European Union;

ISO 14001 certificate
it is one of the most important environmental certifications recognized internationally and defines the requirements for improving a company’s environmental performance, as stated in our policy.

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