Emergency trolleys: a key element for the management of critical situations

In critical situations, emergency trolleys play a vital role to guarantee safe and efficient operations. Their ability to provide quick and safe access to life-saving supplies and medications can determine the outcome of a critical event, ensuring timely and accurate care.

Customization of emergency trolleys and what they are equipped with

Emergency management in healthcare is a complex issue, regulated by specific norms that vary depending on the country and the type of healthcare facility. The presence of properly equipped emergency trolleys is a basic legal requirement, but their equipment and positioning can differ. CFS Italia has developed a line of crash carts that takes this complexity into account, offering flexible and customizable solutions. 

All our carts allow the medical staff to:

  • act fast and efficiently in emergency situations;
  • reduce response times and optimize emergency procedures;
  • improve coordination and communication;
  • increase the level of safety for patients and staff.

One of the main reasons why our crash carts are often selected is the customization: you can choose colours, but also dimensions and volumes. Make sure that you have everything at hand in emergency situations. 

Our emergency trolleys are designed to support accessories such as: electrocardiograph/defibrillator support, IV pole, CPR backboard, oxygen bottle holder, catheter holder, waste bin, drawers for medications or other specific tools.

Crash carts: the best-selling models by CFS

Two of the most requested products are Genius and Tornado Life, two crash carts made of different materials and designed with different dimensions.

Genius trolley, from our Star line, is made of epoxy-painted steel. The R&D department of CFS Italia crafted a special design to improve usability in emergency situations. Both dimensions and colours are two customizable features of this cart. Our suggested configuration includes: height-adjustable IV pole, electrocardiograph/defibrillator support, CPR backboard, 6 drawers with different heights to facilitate tools management, knee-operated waste bin.

Tornado Life trolley, from our Twister line, features a epoxy-painted steel frame and technopolymer components. The R&D team designed it starting from the real needs of medical personnel, including swivel casters that make it easy to move without the risk of knocks or tipping over, a life-saving drugs compartment with lock by seals, an oxygen bottle holder, and a catheter holder. Also available in Twister line is Tornado Small, one of the most requested CFS carts that is so versatile, it can be equipped with an emergency configuration too.

Where emergency trolleys should be places and what are the benefits of CFS Italia products

Our emergency trolleys are designed for: resuscitation rooms, emergency departments, emergency corners, hospital wards, nursing homes and field hospitals. In our catalogue we also feature specific emergency trolleys for paediatric wards, which we analyzed in the article dedicate to the Broselow tape.

All emergency trolleys by CFS Italia are made of durable and fully disinfectable materials; they are also very light to allow quick and safe movement. With a carefully researched design, CFS crash carts are equipped with everything needed in emergency situations. The healthcare staff has easy access to everything thanks to dedicated spaces structured according to actual use cases.


Discover the entire range of crash carts by CFS Italia, request our catalogue at commerciale@cfsitalia.com

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