Easy Click, a quicker and safer system to smoothly remove cart drawers

CFS Italia just launched a new product. It is a system to unhook and remove drawers that makes our products even more user-friendly, safe and versatile.

Easy Click is an original solution that represents a significant breakthrough in terms of drawer handling and disinfection, bringing great benefits to the medical staff which is now able to optimize efficiency and comfort.

How Easy Click was born

Easy Click was designed internally by CFS Italia and is the result of a developmental process focused on the needs of our customers.

Through active dialogue with the people who use our products on a daily basis, we have gained valuable insights that have guided us toward the realization of a new system that meets two key needs:

  • improving the ease of handling of the drawer
  • enhancing cleaning procedures

Our unwavering commitment to listening to customers’ requests, combined with our technical know-how, has resulted in a system that stands out for its intuitiveness, quickness, and safety.

How it works

With Easy Click there is no need for screws or rivets anymore: the drawers of the cart can be unhooked and put back in place with two simple actions. The drawers are still running on telescopic rails, which allow their complete extraction. In a matter of seconds, you are able to remove the drawer by lifting up first the back and then the front. A small, yet important detail: we decided to implement a lovely click sound so you will be 100% sure the operation was completed successfully.

Having a single mould and being able to say goodbye to screws and rivets guarantees a solid and durable product that is very easy to use and to keep sanitized through faster and more thorough cleaning – neither rust nor oxidation will ruin the product.

Which products feature Easy Click

Easy Click is available in the products of Twister line, a great improvement for carts like Tornado Small crash carts or Tornado Small procedure carts

It is a system that makes the products highly adaptable to different uses, ensuring optimal visibility inside the drawers, easy access to the contents, and exceptional convenience during unhooking and repositioning of the drawers.

With Easy Click we aim to change the way healthcare professionals and carers interact with the drawers, enhancing the user experience and, at the same time, improving the wellbeing of both patients and staff thanks to a perfect disinfection of the drawer . We want to integrate this innovation in all our products and make it the new standard for our carts.

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