Steering and braking system for hospital trolleys: features & functions

Often the difference is in the details. The assisted system for wheels, proudly made by CFS Italia, is one of the most popular accessories for hospital trolleys. In this article we tell you about its functions and how it can make a difference.

What is the steering and braking system by CFS Italia

This system for wheels is an accessory that can be added to any hospital cart.

It is fixed on the bottom of the trolley, like a base. It allows to manoeuvre bigger trolleys more easily, for example trolleys with wider drawers or with a double row of drawers.

It has a twofold function: braking and directional. Let’s see in details how they work.

The braking function of the system for wheels

The assisted system for wheels by CFS Italia features a centralized lock that can be activated by pressing on the side of the pedal marked by a red dot.
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That way, the brake system simultaneously locks all four wheels and gives a great advantage over the classic single brake on two wheels.

Thanks to this new system, you are now able to lock the trolley with a single pedal: a huge plus, a safe and convenient innovation that speeds up operations and movements.

The directional function of the system for wheels

The assisted system for wheels by CFS Italia also features a directional function, activated by pressing on the side of the pedal marked by a green dot.
Simply put, this system locks one of the wheels, making it the directional wheel. A very convenient feature when the medical staff needs to move the trolley quickly or along an aisle: the directional wheel allows the trolley to go straight ahead without worry.

How it was born and when it can make a difference

The steering and braking system designed by CFS Italia is unique in our country and is inspired by solutions often found in beds and stretchers, i.e. locking system or fixed central fifth wheel for directional movement.

It really can make a big difference in a number of situations: in addition to being an accessory with which to customize any hospital trolley, it facilitates manoeuvrability in aisles when the trolleys are full of equipments, and even in situations with uneven floors or inclines.

This system is the best friend of a medical staff: instead of having to take care of everything by yourself, it helps you with 4 braking wheels and 1 directional wheel. And the best part is, both features can be activated with a single pedal.

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