Made in Italy by CFS Italia: choosing quality for carts, equipment and hospital furniture

CFS Italia is a company with 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing furniture for hospitals and healthcare facilities. In this article we tell you how our know-how in creating welcoming and functional spaces reflects the excellence of the Made in Italy brand, a guarantee of quality for the export market.

Hospital carts made in Italy: the path of CFS Italia

It has now been over 15 years since CFS Italia began to have relations with the foreign market by attending European and international trade fairs.

Currently, more than 25% of production is destined for export, with some high-profile hubs in Europe such as Slovenia, Croatia and Greece (where CFS has a strategic presence in several facilities), Spain and Portugal, Romania, Lithuania, as well as Austria and Switzerland.

Among the countries where the Made in Italy brand by CFS Italia is most appreciated there are the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the Persian Gulf area and North Africa. In Dubai, for instance, Al Tadawi Specialty Hospital is the facility where CFS Italia supplied the complete furniture as a turnkey project.

Hospital carts made in Italy: the most popular products

CFS Italy proves to be the ideal partner for the foreign customer looking for cart and equipment solutions to supply hospitals, public and private facilities, nursing homes and rehab facilities. We export our carts all around the world, but we also sell a number of complementary products such as examination beds and treatment couches, furniture for clinics, wheelchairs, and last but not least, stainless steel furniture.

The most beloved products in the international market are the hospital carts, more specifically the crash carts. These emergency trolleys are a must in each hospital ward, but we can’t forget of course treatment carts, anaesthesia carts, medication carts, drug delivery carts and service carts.

Hospital carts made in Italy: the process from first contact to shipping

CFS Italia relies on a solid distribution network in many countries, allowing us to always be in touch with hospitals and healthcare facilities in need of our products and expertise. In some cases, the business opportunity originates from a direct contact of the buyer, who gets to know CFS from the booth at an international trade fair or from our website.

These are the steps of the process, from first contact to shipping:

  • Supply request
  • Listening to the customer’s needs
  • Preparation of the offer
  • Business negotiation
  • Definition of the order
  • Production of goods
  • Shipping

The items shipped are freestanding and assembled to facilitate the installation phase. Nevertheless, our customer can always have the CFS Italia technical team at their disposal for tweaks, monitoring and advice.

CFS Italia is at complete disposal to carry out on-site assembly or supervision: in addition to being a guarantee for the customer, it is an advantage for the product, which gets monitored and followed even in the final step. CFS Italia provides a 2-year after-sales warranty on all products.

Hospital carts made in Italy: why choose CFS Italia

There are many advantages of relying on a Made in Italy brand for the supply of hospital trolleys and equipment. Customers worldwide choose CFS Italia for accuracy in design, aesthetic details (finishes), materials, durability, solidity, and pre- and after-sales customer service.

In general, the Made in Italy brand is world-renowned for its attention to detail and classic Italian creativity. All of this translates to a guarantee of quality, in compliance with strict certifications (CE marks, materials suitable for hospital environments).

For us at CFS Italia, the Made in Italy brand is something to protect and preserve, a strength in product and design, and above all the possibility of offering style and customization for our manufacturing.

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