An emergency trolley must be practical and functional to speed up intervention operations. Discover the 6 characteristics that make an emergency trolley truly effective.

The emergency trolley should be present in every hospital structure, but it is also a valid support that can make the difference whenever an emergency arises and you need to intervene in a timely manner. In the market exist several models of emergency trolleys that differ in materials, colours and options, but how can you evaluate the efficiency and the ease of use?
Here are 6 features that make an emergency trolley a quality product worthy of your hospital structure.

1-Solidity of materials

An emergency trolley is used in hectic situations, where you need to intervene accurately without wasting time. The materials with which it is made must be solid and resistant to shocks/bruises, such as steel or technopolymers, to allow nurses and medical staff to quickly transport the trolley without worrying about wheels that turn badly, wobby trays or structures that can not bear the weight of an oxygen cylinder.

2-Ease of disinfection

In addition to the solidity of the materials, another aspect to evaluate in the choice of the emergency trolleys is the facility of sanification of shelves, drawers, IV poles, handles and the surfaces in general.
A good emergency trolley must be made with anti-corrosion, anti-scratch and stain-resistant materials, but especially it must be washable and sanitized each time it is used with suitable products.

3-Adequate supports

An emergency trolley is effective when it provides to hospital staff everything they need to carry out emergency and resuscitation operations. A valid emergency trolley must therefore be equipped with supports for defibrillator and electrocardiograph, CPR backboard, IV pole, cylinder holder, catheter and tubes holder, waste bin and drawers organized in a meticulous way to easily locate medicines, equipment and health devices.


When an emergency arises there is no time to waste and the emergency trolley must be immediately brought to the intervention site. Handling is therefore a key feature of quality emergency trolleys because it allows you to move the trolley easily from one room to another and make it available when needed. The handling of an emergency trolley is correlated into two details that should not be underestimated: an ergonomic anti-trauma handle and swivel wheels equipped with breaks that are easy to remove and insert.

5-Content organization

Speed and precision are the watchwords in case of an emergency, and hospital staff can not afford any mistakes. In the emergency carts every medicine and every device is positioned with method for being quickly located, and the design of an emergency cart can help you find what you need in a flash. The size of the drawers, their customized colours, the facility of opening and the internal organization of the compartments are all details that help doctors and nurses to better organize each shelf and easily identify the tools needed for each interventions.

6-Presence of a waste bin

Medical waste is considered hazardous waste, which is why they must be disposed of properly.
A good emergency trolley must be equipped with a waste bin made of durable and easy to sanitized material, preferably with a knee-opening to avoid distractions and direct contact between the trolley’s structure and the garbage potentially infected.


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