Paediatric resuscitation: what is the Broselow tape and how it is used on emergency carts

In the paediatric world it is common to use a graduated, colored measuring tape called “Broselow Tape”, an internationally acknowledged system for about 40 years. In this article we delve into what it is, why it is so popular, and in which products by CFS Italia you can see it implemented.


How the Broselow tape was created

The story is quite simple: around the mid-1980s, American emergency physician James Broselow, together with Dr. Robert Luten, created a system to calculate a patient’s weight as quickly and easily as possible.

The Broselow tape is similar to a dressmaker’s measuring tape, except it is divided into colored sections. Each colored section corresponds to an estimated weight range in relation to the child’s height: a valuable aid in quickly determining a paediatric patient’s body weight.

Broselow tape: when and why

Often in emergency medicine, healthcare professionals have to rescue children who differ from each other in “average” body size, depending on age groups. On other occasions, it is not possible to obtain weight data because there is no time to measure it.

That is why the Broselow tape is a valuable, reliable and accurate ally, especially during CPR or when it is necessary to provide tailored treatment that minimizes errors and risks for the patient.

By measuring the child in supine position, the practitioner infers very useful information such as type of oxygen mask to be used, size of blood pressure cuff or oro-tracheal tube.

The Broselow tape on the emergency carts by CFS Italia

With the Broselow tape, the healthcare professional can easily and promptly identify the most appropriate emergency precautions for the child and organize materials for advanced paediatric support. This is especially useful in critical and high-stress situations.

To support them, CFS Italia created paediatric and emergency trolleys according to the Broselow tape. Each CFS Italia paediatric trolley has 8 or 9 drawers in various colors, based on the Broselow tape: CFS Italia trolleys like Paediatric Storm, Paediatric ALV600500 and Paediatric Genius.

An important feature that allows emergency professionals to quickly access patients’ resuscitation kit or supplies, which are divided in drawers according to the information on the tape. This system also simplifies emergency procedures and increases the chances of saving a child’s life.


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