The bed is a key element that affects the health and well-being of patients and guests during the hospitalization period.
That is why we carefully design them to meet specific needs: ergonomics, safety, comfort, and a pleasant look that contributes to a welcoming environment.

Beds by CFS Italia: the main features

In our catalogue, the range of beds is very wide in order to best meet different needs. Over the years we have designed innovative solutions, and today we offer furniture suitable for many different intended uses:

  • Hospital beds: designed for maximum functionality and safety, with fold-down side rails, electric height adjustment and different programmed positions.
  • Nursing home beds: made with wood finishes for a warmer and more welcoming environment, they offer comfort and safety for patients with reduced mobility.
  • Beds for treatment clinics: equipped with features dedicated to rehabilitation therapy or for the care of patients with special conditions.

Hospital beds: the materials

CFS Italia uses only high-end materials for the beds, always keeping functionality and design as the top priorities. Strong, durable and easy to clean: our furniture can withstand the most demanding tests.

The most requested materials for hospital and nursing home beds are:

  • Wood or laminated with wood finishing: with its naturalness, warmth and durability, wood is the ideal choice for furnishing nursing homes and creating a safe, comfortable and above all warm and welcoming environment for patients.
  • Steel with plastic finishing: because of its durability and ease of cleaning, it is the perfect material for hospital beds, as it provides a safe environment that is always clean & disinfected.

The benefits of an electric bed

Electric beds allow different positions through a remote control that can have different standard and/or programmed functions. CFS beds are among the most functional on the market, as they are made with three joints that allow adjustment of height, leg section, horizontal position or CPR position for interventions that need timeliness. They are the ideal choice for the comfort and safety of patients, but also for the convenience and functionality that benefits the medical staff.

We also have a wide range of electric beds with a minimum height adjustment up to 15 cm from floor level, a product mainly dedicated to nursing homes or facilities hosting patients with reduced mobility. Such a special feature helps to create a safer environment because it reduces the risk of falls, facilitates access to the bed, and makes care operations easier for everyone.

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