Since the beginning of the COVID-19 emergency, not many companies have been able to continue their production and meet the national needs. We of CFS ITALIA SAS have kept up with the numerous requests and have provided our furniture with urgency in order to support the fight against the virus. As of now, these are our priorities, despite all of the circumstantial problems such as the supply of raw materials, the difficulty of reaching certain facilities due to the lack of carriers, or the fast delivery of customized products.
We promptly revised the entirety of our logistics in order to support the facilities that contacted us, even those in areas that were considered more at risk. Thanks to our experience in the field, we focused on a practical and efficient solution for the design and production of furniture and medical supplies, in order to facilitate the job of the operators that work in those wards and cannot stop during this emergency.
During these difficult days that our sector has been facing, our main goal has been to ensure security in our production site while taking care of all of the urgent requests.
This has been a challenging situation that our company has been able to embrace with determination and confidence resulting in a successful outcome.


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