CFS Italia is proud to present the COVID ALV600500 – Dressing/Undressing Cart, our newest product specifically designed to support those working on the front line during this crisis.

While facing the worldwide pandemic situation of Covid-19, we realized that it has been a very crucial moment for doctors and nurses involved in direct care with suspected or confirmed Covid patients. After months of research, consulting also our local medical personnel, we came to conclusion that the market was lacking in providing a cart for the dressing and undressing procedures conducted by health workers before and after coming in contact with patients.

In order to keep up with the demands, we promptly designed a trolley equipped with all of the accessories and anti-contagion features required by hospitals.

Some of the advantages of Covid ALV600500 are:
– Possibility to store all the PPE in one site properly organized in drawers
– Quick identification of PPE inside the drawers thanks to stickers with pictograms portraying the content
– Reduction of timing during the dressing/undressing
– Reduction of indirect contact of the virus with contaminated surfaces

In addition, the cart includes a few suggested accessories to prevent contagion such as: built-in pedal operated hand sanitizing station, glove dispenser, sterilization basin, antibacterial protective film and shelf for special waste containers.

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