The Tornado Life, our newest crash cart designed to facilitate the job of the medical personnel.
This practical trolley was created to meet the needs of nurses and doctors during the resuscitation of their patients, providing all the essential devices and accessories required in such situations.

The first important feature of an emergency crash cart is certainly the compartment for life-saving drugs. During a situation of emergency, the operators need to act quickly and have all the necessary instruments at their immediate disposal, including drugs and medicines.
We of CFS ITALIA focused on finding the best solution to this demand in order to satisfy our clients by providing not only a high-quality crash cart but also a smart and handy product.

Following our research, we designed a compartment which is integrated on the trolley top and closed by a plexiglass panel in order to check the content at first sight.
Inside the compartment, there is a removable tray for life saving-drugs, which can be divided into 1, 4 or 8 bins depending on the hospital requirements.
The plexiglass panel was also designed not to hinder the operator’s performance as well as ensuring a fast and practical usage. As a consequence, it is easy to lift and slide into the slot inside the trolley.

In addition to the life-saving drugs compartment, the Tornado Life is equipped with all of the standard accessories needed to support emergency protocols and potentially save a patient’s life.

Technical Sheet

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