Customisable and configurable trolleys meant for therapy, medication, emergency, patient charts storage as well as for electromedical equipments, service and dressing, linen collection, linen distribution and cleaning.


Trolleys completely made of painted steel with anti-trauma aluminium handles, configurable drawer unit according to needs and anti-tip bumpers. All drawers run on telescopic soft-closing rails.


Carts made of aluminium with lateral and frontal built-in handles, created for ease of mobility and resulting in a light line. The main new feature is the upgradeability which allows to customize trolleys according to client needs. Equipped with inner panels made for insertion of drawers, baskets, trays or shelves with ISO dimensions 600×400, a pull-out frontal worktop and retractable doors that ensure greater safety. The sides are designed to fix two accessory rails at three different heights.


Trolleys with painted steel bearing frame and technopolymer drawers and side panels: a combination that makes this line light, versatile and completely modular. Drawers, running on telescopic slides, ensure a perfect closure and prevent accidental opening of the drawers (if not locked) during the transportation. Equipped with pull-out writing tray as standard feature of the line.


Carts completely made of painted steel with anti-trauma aluminium handles, configurable drawer unit and anti-tipping bumpers. The peculiarity of this line is the possibility to adjust and accessorize drawers according to costumer needs.


Carts with baydur side panels, a material characterized by high technical and aesthetic content, with high resistance even at low thickness, it has very short molding cycles that allow great energy savings. Molded technopolymer drawers sliding on full extension slides with self close system. Standard pull-out working table, anti-tilting bumper.


Trolleys completely made of stainless steel with integrated or external shock-absorbing handles, sliding drawers on telescopic pull-down guides and anti-tipping bumper. Available in various dimensions to meet every needs of space. Each cart has an extra pull-out table for additional work space.


Carts with stainless steel tubular frame. Equipped with drawers made of technopolymer or stainless steel and shelves that can be fixed or removable. The trolleys are available in multiple dimensions to meet every needs of space and can be used for different purposes.


This line includes a variety of trolleys for CSSD, with different designs and dimensions. All the trolleys are made of stainless steel in order to comply with the main directions of sanitization in Sterilization Department.

Operating room

Trolleys with ergonomic design suitable for Surgical Unit and Operating Room. They are all made of stainless steel, an high-quality material which ensures an easy cleaning and allows sanitization of environments with high frequency.


This line includes a variety of trolleys for linen collection, distribution or storage. Their functional and sturdy structure and design make them suitable for all environments.


This line is composed of waste bins of multiple capacity and materials as well as mop and cleaner trolleys for professional cleaning of hospital environments. All these trolleys are ergonomic with the aim of simplify and improve the working conditions of the cleaning operators.

Electromedical equipments

Trolleys for electromedical equipment made of anodized aluminium. They are available in various modules with different length, depth and height, equipped with shelves and/or drawers and antistatic castors. These modular trolleys are suitable for the use of electromedical devices mainly needed for endoscopy practices.

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