Customization of hospital furniture, carts, and nursing home furniture

Customization of hospital furniture, carts, and nursing home furniture is in the DNA of CFS Italia: it’s not just a service to cover all the needs of the customer, it also represents our desire to create relationships that will last over time.

In this article, we tell you what this means for CFS Italia and which product lines are customizable.

Customization of hospital furniture and carts: how CFS Italia operates & how it started

As CFS Italy kept growing through participation in tenders, new clients, and trusted relationships, we have begun to collect, listen to, and fulfill specific requests from potential or existing buyers for the modification of carts, furniture, accessories, and space designs.

This has allowed us to broaden our customer base and innovate with different materials, but also to learn important lessons: patient chart trolleys have become for all intents and purposes a standard solution. It all started with a specific request from a customer and ended up in our official catalogue.

A beautiful growth story and a virtuous circle that we will now explain step by step.

Customization of hospital furniture and carts: the process & the expertise by CFS Italia

How does a customization and personalization process actually take place?

Here are the main steps:

  • it all originates from a specific customer’s need;
  • we at CFS Italy understand whether the product design can be technically modified according to the requirements;
  • usually customization starts from a basic or standard model in order to customize components and add accessories.

Requests mostly come from tenders for hospital furniture and involve products with more freedom in material use: generally, for plastic, a new mold has to be created from scratch, while painted steel is easier to customize. It is crucial for us to carefully evaluate each request. The Star line, for example, is one of the most customizable and, in general, our standard products are customizable in conformation, accessories, finish and colors, height, and drawer configuration.

Customization of hospital furniture and carts: why choose CFS Italia & some intriguing projects

For us at CFS Italia, customization means listening to the customer’s needs, meeting their requirements and improving the human relationship. Customization is a continuous process that does not stop at the catalogue, but expands the possibilities by demonstrating extreme flexibility and adaptability.

Customization for us is a challenge and a pleasure: the possibility of twisting and turning what may only be a suggestion in the catalogue, and above all, creating a taylor-made suit for the customer. This has a lot to do with the artisan spirit of the Made in Italy brand, which CFS Italia proudly represents.

Lastly, a curiosity that mixes Made in Italy and customization: in recent years our trolleys have travelled to many foreign countries, including Lithuania. To accommodate the body height of the Lithuanian medical personnel, which is slightly lower than average, we created a smaller trolley that is perfect for our Lithuanian customers. This is what we mean when we talk about listening to the customer’s needs.

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